Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Thoughts I'm having Simultaneously

1. Is it bad if I drive to campus so that I can get home quickly enough for research for an article I'm writing for a sustainability website? I think I should ride my bike to maintain moral superiority...
2. What should I eat for dinner?
3. Will Miles be a good lad if I walk down to my friend's house and demand he make me a cocktail later?
4. How could it be that Miles drank only 2 bottles on the very day I wasn't up to pumping an extra for tomorrow? Is life getting better?
5. Have I bitten off more than I can chew in signing up for 3 freelance projects AND having student papers due?
6. Will I ever wear a tankini again?
7. Why do my feet smell if I wore socks today?
8. Can my students tell that the gaping sore in my face is from me picking a zit?
9. I really and truly love very dark chocolate.
10. The sweat on Corey's forehead beads up like prop sweat might on an actor


Nat said...

I will totally still make you a cocktail even if you bring a crying baby.

Ray and Miles can cry together and I'll make you an extra-strong cocktail.

Valtastic said...

1. No- It's good, better, best..
2. Something yummy
3. Yes
4. Life is a roller coaster
5. No- You get a high off of knowing you have work
6. Why not? They cover your stomach if thats what you're worried about
7. They sweat
8. SOme might- but they've had zits too
9. Me too!
10. Umm nice?

I was going to cal.. and I still plan on it but my manager was on site this week so I haven't had a chance.