Thursday, August 20, 2009


I went to CrossFit this evening! When the midwives told me I could return to working out, they said I could do whatever I was doing third trimester. Well, considering I was doing CrossFit 4x a week, that really wasn't too limiting. For the time being, CrossFit is holding sessions in the park by the river, so I knew it would be a lot of body weight stuff, too.

This is the torturous workout we did in the soupy humidity:
100m lunges
30 stair climbs
100m lunges
30 burpees (I modified these to just do planks, so no pushups yet)
100m lunges (by this point my knees were not bending too far...)
30 handstand pushups (I did 5 decline pushups with my feet on a bench, then collapsed to regular pushups on my knees)
100m lunges (barely made it. Did breathing a la labor, moaned and cursed the world)
30 kettlebell clean and jerk (only got through 5)

By the end of the workout, I really thought I would pass out. My milk had come in super hard, I was seeing black spots, and I felt really, really barfy. So I just sat on the ground and pitied myself for a few minutes.

Then I got up and drove my stick shift car with the sticky clutch all the way home and thought about it. My body has been through hell. I mean, five weeks ago my innards were on an operating table. I am going to go ahead and feel proud of my workout. And then, Monday, I am going to go back and do it again. And again. And one day, I won't remember that it was hard to finish a workout.

I will look just like Annie in the Fran video from YouTube. Seriously! It could happen. She has had babies, too.

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Amy said...

Rock on, Katy! My insides have stayed in and have not been joined by baby, and I'm almost certain I could not do all that. Perhaps I should start training with you.