Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wasted Day?

Here is what I did today:
1. Spent 6 hours writing and distributing press releases for the Angels and their journey to Raleigh
2. Created a myspace page for the Pittsburgh Angels
3. Made butternut squash soup. Yum!
4. Didn't brush my teeth
5. Didn't get dressed
6. Watched hours of Real World/Road Rules Challenge episodes on mtv.com
7. Moved the pile of my homework from the office table to the sofa next to me to the floor as a foot rest
8. Finally took a shower at 430 PM
9. Sent out the flipping Save the Date for my wedding! Hurrah!
10. Began to panic at the thought of having a wedding and a national championship and decided to get a little bit drunk on red wine

Now I'm off to tutor! Won't that be productive? (Don't worry. I'll brush my teeth on the way out the door and consider putting on pants)


Em said...

God, I can't wait to get into grad school.

PeaceLoveMath said...

i second the grad school comment...

anyway, cuz, what's that wedding website you joined? I need to join that. yesterday in the mail I got the little pamphlet of info from Trinity Lutheran in Camp Hill and started a Wedding Notebook...I even printed a cover for it! I need more things to put in now, like websites and decoration ideas etc.

Anonymous said...

While I do really like grad school, I don't get to do things like this except on Fridays since I work 20hrs/week in addition to my 5 classes....the downside of one year programs I guess...

Anonymous said...

Trousers, not pants!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your grad school life... Instead I work 45+ hour work week and go to school part time and have an accounting professor that puts stuff on the midterm that we aren't discussing for three more weeks!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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