Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Libraries, Writing

The library system through this University is so messed up. How is it that Penn State can be totally electronic and lead me to believe the rest of the world was so? I have to register for class with a piece of paper! A carbon, triplicate form!!! Can you believe it? Also, when you want to request a book from the library at another campus, you write them a letter. Then, when the book comes, they write you a letter and you go there and get it. You can't just email the library and they can't just email you when it gets there. They could spend the postage money developing an electronic system! I bet they wouldn't even have to pay student interns to make it for them. Grrrr.

Augusten Burroughs said it totally counts when you blog or email as writing. He says he does 5 hours per day of writing. I don't think I can do five just yet. I'll try to start with 2. I really want to publish a personal essay in Phoebe, which is a literary journal. I want this personal essay to be about my fungus. I wrote a rough draft and am hoping Emily (Em) Hancheck can give some help because I feel like it has a long way to go right now.

I am still a little angry with the radiator, but I think I have come to terms with it now. I go to bed earlier and just lie there thinking about things in a half awake state until my alarm actually goes off. My next goal is to get Corey to stop falling asleep on the love seat and actually spend the night in a bed where he can straighten his legs.


PeaceLoveMath said...

did you like "running with scissors"? because i really didn't. i guess the writing was good, but the content i was very very disappointed with. so i suppose it's still ok to take writing tips from him, but don't take his advice on content.

Max&Reno's parents said...

I completely agree with "life prosaic" about augusten borroughs. I would certainly not like to shake his hand...