Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oak Ridge Boys

Lately, I am obsessed with the Oak Ridge Boys. It all started when my mom began singing Elvira to Miles and my friend KK showed me the video on YouTube. Now I can't stop watching their videos and wondering what in the hell is wrong with people.

For example, they'll show an ORB thrust his hips, big old beard swaying in the breeze from his tambourine shaking, and then pan to the audience swooning. Or the deep voiced one will point his finger to the sky and then wink and ladies clutch their bosoms. And then the one with the teeth will grab the lapels of his orange leather jacket or run his fingers through his curly afro...

I have watched almost all of the videos from YouTube. I've seen them on Johnny Carson and on gospel shows and TNN. I watch all of it. I sing the songs. And then Miles and I dance along and I try to wink at him, maybe point my finger suggestively as I say, "Mmm poppa mmmm poppa mmmm poppa mow-wow," but he doesn't swoon! It must be my hair. It's either not gray enough, not big enough or else my pants are too loose.

Anyway, I'll be spending the rest of the week singing folksy songs from the 70s, watching some grainy YouTube videos. I'll be taking careful notes on how I should dress if I want to be a superstar or crazy fangirl. I might emerge a different person. No promises

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Jane said...

This sounds like great fun. Do a few hip thrusts for me until I get to catch ORB on You Tube.