Friday, March 26, 2010

Take Your $75 and Shove It!

Update: I have secured $75 for this month. I will be earning it as a training exercise for a new endeavor. Corey and I have been discussing the conundrum of our finances. We want one of us to be home with Miles, we want each of us to have work/life balance, and we want to have enough money to pay our bills.

If Corey took an accounting job with a for-profit company, he'd make way more money, but we'd never see him. So, I am trying something new. It will still allow me to work from home and will require less immersion than writing, should I succeed in the training.

I don't want to go on and on about details because I might not be a good fit for this new form of self employment! But, suffice it to say that the $75 I could have earned slaving for one magazine article has been recouped in a way that could potentially improve quality of life for Team Lev!

Wish me luck on my training. Join me in feeling smug about the $75, no matter what happens!


Em said...

I'll take any excuse to feel smug!

*wraps self in smugness of Katy*

Anonymous said...

Ooh I can't wait to hear more about it. I have narrowed down my guesses to three likely possibilities:
1) crossing guard
2) bus driver
3) parking chair removal specialist

I'm hoping it's number 3 but number 1 is probably most likely.


PS - My word verification is "emism" -- is that the study of the former blog commenter?

OaklanderOnline said...

I would add these to the list of possibilities: 4) grant writer, or 5) neighborhood pot dealer.