Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bubbly Baby

Miles has stopped screaming. It's pretty official, I think, since it's been more than three weeks since he's been a scream flavored popsicle, as my friend Kathy calls him. Instead, he talks and burbles and (when he gets upset) cries. There is such a pleasant difference between crying with tears and back-stiffening, blood-curdling, teeth-gnashing screaming. We'll take crying any day. Honest.

Not sure what the difference is. Perhaps weighing 12 pounds, perhaps just being 4 months old, but even with sleep troubles, he is a different kid. I want to run across the street and knock on Anna's door and tell her to ask me again if I'm having so much fun over here. Because now? Most of the time? We are!

I mean, look at this family enjoying a trip to the zoo. Who wouldn't want in on that action?


mom mom said...

That's the best post in four months! Can't say that Miles looks like he is having much fun, though.

P said...

Wait, Miles can't emit teeth knashing screams if he doesn't have teeth!

SO SO SO glad it seems that life is settling down!

ninny said...

can't wait to meet the new miles!

Jane said...

See the new Miles on YouTube, Ninny.

Kelly said...

Soooo glad things are taking a turn for the better. He's such a cutie!

PeaceLoveMath said...

Em - sure he can! it's not his teeth that are gnashing, it's his parents'!

I can't wait to see New Miles at Christmas and get to know him a bit better.