Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rookie Moms

I have a Rookie Moms guide to Pittsburgh up on the Rookie Moms website right now!!! Check it out!


mom-mom said...

I am VERY impressed. What a great group of activities-and a great way to describe them. One might even believe that you have taken your very own baby to each and every one of these!

PatsE said...

What a great site and awesome idea about the urban hikes link! Funny how I didn't even notice the bra strap in the photo…mamma looks great. ~P

pghrugbyangel said...

I'm like a gazillion days behind on my blogs. Sorry.

I looooove your Mom-Activity thing. Such great ideas. I WISH My Little C was here in town so I could show her some of my favorite places!

AND I had no idea the whole fam went to JG's on Sunday!! I would have totally stopped by after hoagies and 30 other things to gives M-Dub a hug!!