Friday, December 02, 2005

Steamboat Captain

I finally decided to be proactive about the radiators. For some reason, Corey suggested that my constant bitching about them wasn't helpful. I don't know why he doesn't enjoy my pinching him awake every morning at 5:20 to listen to the clanging. Anyway, I called the rental people and they asked me the following questions before they would send a specialist: 1. Is your radiator turned on? 2. Are your windows closed?

The super nice heater fixer discovered that the water release valve on the radiator has been painted shut. As soon as he chopped it off, the whole house was instantly, silently hotter. It was a miracle. He is now in the bedroom with a hammer making some magic happen for the radiator.

Corey is sitting in his office in his pajamas (yes, pajamas at 4:30 in the afternoon) supervising. I'm so glad to have the problem solved before our ultra fun Dance Dance Revolution party this evening.

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Em said...

O Captain my Captain!